Tadeja Vulc, Daniel Hensel, Luis Antunes Pena and the Young Sound Forum of Central Europe - © Kai Bienert

Daniel Hensel


Daniel Hensel was born on April 17th 1978 in Buedingen, Germany. Hensel descends from a family of dance- and rock musicians. His grandfather was a student of Kurt Hessenberg, his father played in several rock bands. At the age of seven he took lessons in classical guitar with Michael Winterling and at the age of 12 he took lessons in piano and became a student of Johann Bauman, a former student of Willy Bissing. Afterwards Gehard Schaubach prepared him for the entrance examination in piano for Dr. Hoch´s conservatory in Frankfurt. There, aged 15, he met the composer Gerhard Schedl (1957 - 2000), where he was instructed in composition, harmony, counterpoint, basso continuo and ear training. Besides that he took piano lessons with Roswitha Langguth, Wolfgang Hess and Norbert Brecht and took additional lessons playing the flute with Annegret Lucke. After his civil service in emergency medical services as a medic at the Red Cross Buedingen, Gerhard Schedl prepared him for the entrance examination in composition of the Hochschule für Musik Wuerzburg. From winter term 1999 until summer term 2003 Hensel studied composition with Prof. Heinz Winbeck at HfM- Wuerzburg. From summer term 2003 until winter term 2003\04 Hensel studied with Prof. Manfred Trojahn at Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf. On January 27th 2004 he passed the examination with distinction. From winter term 2004 until winter term 2005 Hensel visited post-graduate studies with Prof. Michael Obst at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar. Since the winter term 2005\06 Hensel has studied composition in the master class of Prof. Heinz Winbeck at HfM – Wuerzburg.

Hensel composed an orchestra piece for the “Young Sound Forum of Central Europe” on the occasion of the gala concerto for the ceremonial change of the European council’s presidency from Germany to Portugal: Europe – The blue star.

The following musicians and festivals played or assigned pieces composed by Hensel:

„Requiem of young hopes“ op.6 for Heinrich Schuetz Choir - Hannover WP.: 10.07.06 Andreas Church in Springe. Heinrich Schuetz Choir Hannover, members of the State Orchestra of Lower Saxony, conductor Peter Francesco Marino
Duo for Viola and Tuba op. 7,WP.: 04.20.05 Weimar, Fuerstenhaus, Garth Knox and Gerard Bouquet

„Dream Images“ op. 8 for four recorders and Orff – Instruments for four players on for the ADE*vantgarde Festival 2005 in cooperation with Carl Orff - Centre Munich, WP.: 06.09.05 Church of St. Martha, Nuremberg , recorder class of Jeremias Schwarzer, percussion class of Prof. Hermann Schwander, conductor Daniel Hensel 
„Between the sounds“ op. 9 on behalf of the Kasseler Musiktage, project: Klangsplitter, WP.: 10.30.05 Alte Brüderkirche, Kassel, musicians of the State Theater Kassel, conductor: Bernhard Lang
„Sonata for Solo Flute“ op. 14 for Carin Levine, WP.: 02.09.07 Bavarian Broadcasting Company, Nuremberg, Studio Franconia
„Reflexions for Orchestra“ op. 16 for „Europe – The blue star“ WP.: 06.17.07 “Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt”, Berlin, Young Sound Forum of Central Europe, conductor, Sebastian Weigle
„To the immortal beloved“ op. 10 for the counter-tenor Tim Severloh

Additional musicians who have performed world premieres of Hensel´s compositions include Markus Bellheim, Prof. András Hamary, Barbara Anton–Kuegle.