Suhail Khoury - © Photo Garo

Suhail Khoury


Suhail Khoury is a leading musician in the current musical scene in Palestine. A composer, Ney and Clarinet player, Khoury has been instrumental in the overall development of the musical life of Palestine during the last two decades.
Mr. Khoury played a major role in the establishment of several leading cultural organizations in Palestine including the National Conservatory of Music, Yabous Productions, the Popular Art Center, and the network of Palestinian arts centres.

He is currently President of the Forum of Arab conservatories of Music, and has assumed important roles in the past including advisor to the Palestinian minister of culture and the Bethlehem 2000 project as well as artistic director of El Funoun popular dance troup.

As a composer, Suhail Khoury is mostly known for his children’s songs. His repertoire includes three children’s CDs as well as a children’s musical “Al Fawanees”. He also composed and produced political Palestinian songs for which he was put in prison for six months by the Israeli authorities back in the 1980s.

Mr. Khoury currently assumes the role of General Director of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM), as well as artistic advisor and Board member at Yabous Productions. In 2006 Suhail Khoury received the prestigious award of the welfare organization for excellence.

In his latest Production “Jerusalem after midnight” Suhail Khoury collaborates with Ahmad AL Khatib where eight compositions of Khoury’s are arranged by Al Khatib and recorded with a multinational group of musicians including members of the OME.

Khoury’s discography includes: “Marah” 1987), “Marj Ben Amer” (1989), “ASHIQA”(1995), “Matar” (1998), “Bass Shwai” (2003), “Al-Fawanees” (2009), Jerusalem After Midnight (2009).

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