Tadeja Vulc, Daniel Hensel, Luis Antunes Pena and the Young Sound Forum of Central Europe - © Kai Bienert

Tadeja Vulc


Tadeja Vulc was born in 1978 in Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia). Following her school education she studied at the Middle School for Musik and Ballet in Maribor, where she simultaneously studied piano and music theory.

After completing high school in 1997 Mrs. Vulc began intensifying her studies in composition. She continued her studies with Professor Uroš Rojko at the Music Academy in Ljubljana where she also graduated. She received first prize in the Maribor Competition for her creativity in music and fourth prize in the Rostrum (Netherlands) Competition in 2000. In the academic year 1999/2000 the Music Academy of the University of Ljubljana awarded her the so-called F. -Prešeren Prize for her composition "Tri iveri" (Three Slivers).

2003 marked her successful debut on the international concert stage. The performance of her piece "Svetlobne sence" (Light Shadows) in Vienna received wide critical acclaim. Her composition "Requiem" won second prize in the competition of the Cultural Ministry of Slovenia - first prize was not awarded.

Mrs. Vulc studied composition with Professor Michael Jarrell at the University of Music and the Arts in Vienna from 2005 to 2007.